6 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Homeowner’s Insurance

September 21, 2017by

Unless you’re paying cash for your home the lender is going...

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Using Home Equity to Buy a Car

September 14, 2017by

When it comes time to buy a new car most people...

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House Poor: Don’t Let it Happen to You

September 7, 2017by

Becoming a homeowner is a wonderful opportunity for most people. They’re...

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Can You Afford to Buy a Bigger House?

August 30, 2017by

A lot of folks purchase their first home shortly after getting...

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Avoid these 5 Big Mortgage Mistakes

August 24, 2017by

Your home is the single biggest investment you’ll ever make and...

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Surviving Student Loan Debt

June 28, 2017by

Here’s a sobering statistic for you: total New Zealand student loan...

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Is it Smart to Have More Than One Credit Card?

June 22, 2017by

Personal debt is a story that has gotten a lot of...

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Borrowing to Invest: A Good Idea?

June 12, 2017by

Everyone wants to have a nice fat stock portfolio to backstop...

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6 Ways to Save Money on a Limited Income

June 7, 2017by

Everyone needs to save money. It’s one of the fundamental principles...

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6 Tips That Will Save You Money When Purchasing a Car

June 1, 2017by

Most people reading this weren’t around 50 years ago but if...

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